Perfect for all sorts of venues! Strolling (or Walk-Around) Juggling is a great way to keep children and adults alike entertained. Entertainment that is engaging, interactive, and enjoyable without the formal “Stage” performance and space requirements. More than just a juggler who walks around, our juggler’s entertain each person they pass by! Everyone has the opportunity to watch, listen, engage in conversation, and actually experience many of the tricks for themselves!

Also features “Mini shows” as an amazing quick display of skills with audience interaction. Strolling jugglers are a great addition whether you have live stage shows planned or not, as they can fit in almost anywhere!

Our strolling juggling includes things like:

  • 3, 4, and 5 ball juggling
  • Pins
  • Rings
  • Flower Sticks
  • Contact Juggling
  • Poi
  • Flow Wands
  • Comedy, and oh so much more!

Other optional juggling skills that may be included depending on the space and venue:

  • Hoop Dancing
  • Sword Juggling
  • Torch Juggling
  • Fire Poi
  • Fire Devil Sticks
  • Fire Breathing
  • Glow-in-the-dark Juggling!


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